Please do not let the many types of massage therapy overwhelm you.  It is not necessary to choose a single method as each time you visit my office we will discuss your specific needs at that time. Treatment will often combine more than one of the therapy types listed below.

Swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is what most people picture when they think of massage. Highly therapeutic, it includes long, flowing strokes called effleurage to encourage the movement of blood and lymph back to the circulatory centers. Swedish Massage also includes plenty of kneading to help tired, tense, sore muscles to relax and release. It also covers the use of vibration, joint movements, and stroking to produce a wonderfully tonic treatment for the body and mind.  Areas commonly treated in a therapeutic Swedish massage include head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, legs, feet, and hips. Work on the chest is included for male clients. The abdomen may also be included.

Sports Massage         

Similar in many ways to Swedish massage, Sports Massage is used either pre or post event on the athlete to enhance performance and speed recovery from vigorous exercise. 

Lymphatic Drainage

A very light technique, this treatment helps speed the return of lymph to the circulatory centers. Light strokes, light compressions, and joint movements are used to relieve edema and help the body to cleanse itself internally.

Esalen Massage           

Named for a famous West Coast spa and wellness center, this massage resembles a classic Swedish massage, but emphasizes working multiple areas at one time. The result is a feeling of whole body centering, deep relaxation, and quieting of the mind and spirit.

This is a very spa-like treatment designed to gently exfoliate and deeply moisturize the skin. Massage oils, dried Chinese herbs, and luxurious body creams  combine to restore skin that may have been affected by environmental harshness.

Russian Massage

Used for a wide variety of medical benefits in hospitals and other wellness settings in Russia, these advanced techniques bear a close resemblance to Swedish  massage. Russian massage is sometimes referred to as a physiological  treatment in that the various techniques are used for specific purposes to affect a  wanted response from the tissues. 


Neuromuscular therapy is a highly focused set of techniques. You may have heard it referred to as trigger point therapy or, more loosely, as deep tissue.  This very useful work seeks out specific knots or tight bands in individual muscles as opposed to addressing an entire muscle group as in Swedish massage.  The centerpiece of this group of techniques involves holding deep pressure on trigger points to encourage release and thus allow muscles to return to their normal resting length.  The therapist may use his thumbs, fingers, forearms, or elbows to facilitate the release of significant trigger points.

*Here is a pleasant surprise for you. All of the disciplines discussed above with the exception of Herbology are the same price which means you never pay an extra charge for deep work! The hour long Herbology treatment costs ten dollars more to cover the cost of the specialized products used.

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