Hours of operation are Monday through Friday, 11:00 am to 7:00 pm and Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm. To schedule please call or text (614) 595-1210.


30 minutes: $40.00   

This is not a full body session, but this briefest of appointments can address limited specific areas such as the neck, shoulders, and upper back.

40 minutes: $50.00    

Also not a full body treatment, but often sufficient for the more complex complaints often involving the neck, shoulders, and back or for targeting such areas as the feet, legs, and hips.

60 minutes: $70.00

The standard length session provides plenty of time for a full-body massage with some extra focus on troublesome areas. Or you may choose to use the entire hour to address a specific areas of complaint. Please note that this is indeed a full hour and not a mere 50 minutes as some offices offer!

90 minutes: $100.00

This extended session not only allows for a full body therapeutic massage, but with plenty of time to resolve painful muscle conditions. Highly recommended  for the client who has been experiencing annoying pain or dysfunction that is affecting the quality of your everyday life. As with the above offerings, you may elect to use this entire session for complex, painful areas.

120 minutes: $130.00

What else can one say! Two entire hours of professional massage therapy to relax, rejuvenate, and restore. Sore, stiff, chronicly tense, painful bodies learn what feeling good again truly is all about.

Ohio State Taxes:

Since August 1, 2003, massage therapists have been obligated to collect 6.75% sales tax on our services. Therefore, the final price  on the above services will be $43.00; $53.75; $75.25; $107.50; $139.75, respectively. However you may be exempt from this sales tax if you bring in a written prescription from either your medical doctor, osteopathic physician, chiropractor, dentist, or psychologist stating that you require massage therapy for a stated condition. It is helpful if the prescription lists a diagnosis and length and number of visits suggested. This note will then be attached to your confidential health information form.

Methods of payment

Cash, Visa, and Mastercard are cheerfully accepted. Personal checks will be considered from established clients.

Gift certificates

A thoughful gift that will always be appreciated, gift certificates are always available.


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